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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alright stop-collaborate and...


Vanilla Ice's real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle

Word to ur mother.

Throw that out at your next cocktail party. You'll be so cool.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear Argentina,

You have changed and saved my life.


You will see.

Muchas muchas gracias.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The other 72%

I have just read that apparently only 28% of Americans have a passport. Yikes.

What a great gift idea the next time you're stumped. What else could you buy someone that could give them endless opportunity for exploration and last for 10 years? Not to mention under a hundred bucks. Try to find a deal like that at your local Crate and Barrel.

Yes, I know that all of us aren't jet-setters and some people could care less about traveling. (That's OK) -but get yourself a passport anyway. Those random situations or bargin trips pop up sometimes when you could just use a little break and room to breathe.

You don't want to be that person stuck working your vacation week when your pals are off surfing in Australia, having a Guiness with a random Irishman, or shopping in Paris.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forget you Italy!

Argentina is my new favorite place to stay in January. Best pizza I have ever had. Until I get the pix up- just imagine the deliciousness and drool...

Wishes for today:

1.) Buy a little casa in San Lorenzo
2.) Steal those pizza recipes and bring them back to the states. (Who knew the pizza would rival all others here? Steak?! Nah-I'll take the pizza.)
3.) I'll leave this one to the imagination

Saturday, January 17, 2009


*Raft boat ride into Iguazu Falls; 75 pesos (WOW)
*Bus ticket to Salta; 185 pesos ("I am going to design a new line of bus food")
*Learning truly not to worry about things because you can't control everything, knowing that none of us (regretfully) can go back in time, having patience, and feeling right just being and moving towards a settled life you were afraid of before: Priceless

Some things money can't buy, but it sure can get you a ticket out of the country for a while so you can start to become the better person you've always wanted to be.

Thank you thank you thank you Mastercard. It's flippin hard as hell, but so far I am making progress...

Thursday, January 8, 2009



Naked bike ride in December? No wonder they do it at midnight at UVM! You've gotta have plenty of time to get good and toasted first. Negative five degree temps with your wanker swingin feels like a blast after a shot or ten of tequilla.

Glad you kids are having fun and that college tuition is being put to good use. 

Thanks Mom!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Resume Challenge

About a gazillion people have recently lost their jobs. They are likely scrambling to polish resumes that are a total bore (it's OK.-that's how we were taught to make them!) in hopes of gaining some type of employment before they have to give their houses back to the bank. 

Lets try something different.

Shred the eggshell colored bore of a resume that you have used before. The one that has all those terms and words like "Facilitated", "Assisted with", or "Lead a team". Everybody has that resume. Do you really expect to stick out or wow anybody with that? What usually happens is a potential employer sees you went to the same university as their son, or grew up in the same state they did and then they become interested in you. No one really cares that much about the massive list companies you have "Lead a team of" so and so's at. There are millions of people who have your degree or have held a job for at least a few years. Employers want to know if you are driven, reliable, honest, and great at what you do. They usually find that stuff out when you just break it all down and start a normal conversation.

Sure you have to have some professional background and experience, but if at some point in your interview you can get your potential new boss to say: "Me too! I played soccer in high school!" or "I backpacked through South America after college too!- It was amazing, and man did I love that food!" I promise you'll be first on the hire list.

Type up (on whatever color card stock you damn well please that fits your personality) your contact information, a few bullets about:
*Your experiences (work, volunteer, certifications, etc.)
*What you are fabulous at and take pride in
*What you suck at or are continuously working on. (Nobody's perfect. Be human) 
*3 References that you have experience with that have offered to truthfully promote you as nothing less then stellar to anyone who asks

If you want you can close your new resume with a short, sweet, honest "I want this job because (blank) and I am the best. Try me" Or whatever works for you.

At very least you'll get a chuckle, interview or "I've never seen anything like this before-you're hired!" Sure beats the alternative of X amount of your years and experience typed lifelessly on a piece of plain paper just piled with the other hundred on someone's dusty desk.