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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is This What They Do For Fun In Dublin?

My friend Erin lives in Dublin. If you knew Erin, you'd be rolling on the floor laughing at this ridiculous little movie he shot after getting a new video camera a few weeks back. Hopefully you'll get it anyway and just trust when I tell you, this guy is literally one of the most unexpectedly hilarious people you could ever meet. (He's the one in the white shirt.)

Mullally- you are a freaking nut. Absolutely crack me up. Here's your shout out. Have a Guinness for me!

Sigh. Ok. I Folded

Just set up Twitter and going to probably....gag...choke...sigh again...go for Facebook today too. 

It must be done if I am going to blow this thing out of the water. Stay tuned. I'll probably be forcing myself to "tweet" something very soon and asking you to follow or whatever is supposed to happen with all that crazy business. I mean really, that feels ridiculous to type let alone speak. I'm laughing...

Whatever it takes though- to get my happy ass on the Blue Lollipop Road I'm doing it. I've got plans people. Watch out.

Here goes nothing!

It's Gotta Be Da Shoes

If you want to put a little extra pep in your step or talk to strangers at any given moment, buy yourself some red shoes. It never fails that every time I wear mine, men, women, children, babies, dogs- anything that can utter a word in any shape or form approaches me with a "Niiiice shoes." This morning I put mine on thinking nothing of it. These red shoes are nothing special, I mean- they're cute and all, but cost me only 20 bucks at Rack Room, they're nothing fancy and I've had them for 2 years. (God I love a bargain that lasts.)

I'm not sure what it is, but there just something about a red shoe that people are ALL about. By 7:48am this morning I was up, dressed, out of the house, coffee in hand, set up laptop to start work and sure enough a random person:

"Niiiice shoes. What are you doing today?" 

...as if I was going to be off to proceed with my super-hero duties or something. I guess red is the power color. I've never had anyone begin to comment on any article of clothing, bag, haircut- as much as they do about these silly little shoes. Love it.

It's lunch hour ladies. Time to stop by Rack Room and grab some BOO-YA to put on your feet!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Kress and Mike

I did a little shopping this weekend. I couldn't just walk by when I saw this older gentleman (Kress) sitting patiently in Belk's version of the tropics; The bathing suit section. All Kress needs is a Corona and the picture is complete while he waits for his lady friend to get done shopping. When I asked to take his photo, he jokingly replied "Sure, just don't send it to the police!" with a laugh. I walked out giggling and straight into the very next store where guess what? Yep, there is yet another guy Mike, waiting patiently for his lady to shop. He even came prepared with a book. Smart Guy! He clearly knew what he was in for. He just laughed when I asked him to take his photo.

Ladies, really? Why do we bother dragging our guys out to shop? I am guilty as charged too. Why don't we ever learn they hate this stuff? 

This was a riot to me. One right after the other. They deserve a "Whatta guy!" for just relaxing, waiting for their partners and in no rush whatsoever. Thanks for humoring me Kress and Mike. Hope your Saturday shopping torture didn't last too long!

No More Excuses And Keep The Ass Slaps Coming

I've had a lot of excuses in the past about my work, what I want and how I "can't/don't know how" to get where I want to be. This was pointed out to me last weekend during a very unexpected and unsolicited conversation with a good old friend. He called me out and was totally on point. I'm not sure if it was the tiki torches, the warm night outside, or being in the company of those incredibly kind old friends who have always been good to me. (That and a good cold beer probably didn't hurt.) Whatever it was, some things just clicked for me that night that hadn't before, or maybe I wasn't ready for them to click. Now it's obviously time for me to own up to some things I've had fear and insecurity about until now. 

I'm ready.

A lot of what my friend and I talked about was this site and my writing. Blue Lollipop Road is going to be big. Much bigger than just my writing here. Yes, I have lots of work to do still and I'm not entirely sure about what this bigger thing will look like in the future. I am just 110% sure it's going to be great. It's now or never for me and I am busting butt to keep this ball rolling. I've often been peeved at myself for holding back on my writing or what I really want. Doing that is never going to get me anywhere. I've had the fear of offending or upsetting someone I care about. It's made me freeze at times a back space some of what I've wanted to do or say. That and the fact I have a "real" job right now with bosses and some other potentially easily offended people who might read this.

But I have got to throw the gloves off now people. Here goes.

I want everyone to know that yes, occasionally I do things like every other human. These thing include, but are not limited to; Cussing, drinking, staying up way too late on school nights having a dance party with friends, eating way too much chocolate and reading People magazine. I've even had sex once or twice. (Holy crap did I just write that? Thank god my Mother has always encouraged me to be a "tell you like it is" woman.)

I know sinful. Lock me up and throw away the key.

I am also the person who; Is usually up by 6:30am to start work or go for a run, eats whole grain organic cereal and fruit, fully supports themselves- paying bills before they are due, always calls and sends cards on birthdays and anniversaries, holds doors open for strangers, never forgets to call on grandparents day and tells my family and friends how much I love them every single chance I get.

The above is not a disclaimer. I'm simply pointing out that I am really not all that appalling. I'm actually pretty normal. (You know you all do/have done that "bad" stuff too! Of course you do? Why wouldn't you?) I'm just taking this opportunity to blast it out to the world. It feels nice and liberating.

One thing people have always told me is they don't ever doubt me. I guess maybe until now I have doubted myself some. As an honest and usually wide open person, I thought it'd be a cake walk to open up all my thoughts here. Boy was I wrong. I do understand now there's no times for excuses and insecurities. It's time for real, honest and no bullshit-so here goes nothing. Besides, people don't love me for keeping my mouth shut anyway, they love me for being a total stubborn pain in the ass and having a huge heart but not too much of a filter. here goes the can of worms. No back spacing anymore.

Thanks for the slaps on the ass Tony. For some reason they never get old. As for you calling my bullshit? Thank you for that as well. I'll be paying it forward very soon and calling someone else's. That's how this all works.

Life is short. I'm going for dessert first- and a huge trough of it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

In For Some Jewelry And Out With Some Sense

I just get an email from someone who mentioned being picky. Why is it that it is always a wrong or bad thing to be picky? Why is there always such guilt attached to it? 

Dictionary says:

Picky; Fastidious.

Fastidious; Very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.

I was shopping at my favorite little jewelry store in my hometown a bunch of years ago. A sales lady open the glass case at my request and got a bracelet out for me. I tried it on, pointed to another saying, "Nope, can I please see that one instead?" Oh wait, how about that one?" Ooh, I like that one too!" She gladly showed me several until I said apologetically; "Oh my god, I am so sorry! I am being so picky!" 

She then looked at me very seriously, abruptly shut the case, leaned into me and said something I have never forgotten; "Honey, listen to me and listen to me clearly. You are not picky, you just know what you want."

That sales lady with the dark hair and glasses has no idea how much I have thought about that encounter over the years and how many times I have passed that story on. What she said was so true. Next time you catch yourself apologizing or feeling guilty that you are "too picky"- just stop yourself. You're not picky- you just know what you want. That's something  you should never apologize for.

If being picky means you're a pain in the ass, I'm proud to be a huge one. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Roadside Goodness

God I love summertime.

Bah Humbug To You GPS

Just saw a commercial about GPS systems. It made me think of a couple recent road trips I made with a friend who had one in his car. I had to give him grief about taking all the fun out of the adventure. I might be crazy or old-fashioned, but I am just not about those little gadgets.

I'm sure they can be helpful if you get that stressed about the possibility of not finding an exit for your Taco Bell 4th meal, Dairy Queen Blizzard or Waffle House covered, smothered, diced-whatever craving. Really though? Come on. Isn't it so much better to just roll with the road? Forget a computer telling you where to go. Besides, tell me you don't find a little thrill in those slightly sketchy truck stops we all end up stopping at. The ones that have signs that are 7,452 feet tall that you can get gas, buy corona towels, wind chimes and a Snickers or even nosh away on a huge meal of "home cookin" all under one enormous roof.

You know you love that stuff.

Next time you hit the road, unplug your system and reach for a map. A real paper one that folds into the accordion thing. Not your Google Maps print out. A real map. 

If you are driving somewhere "just to get there", fine. That's Ok. But without your GPS you might actually be so in tune paying attention to your surroundings you'll see something you've never noticed before. That's the reward of the road and where so many good stories come from. Try it. I promise you'll like it.

On second thought...

Dear Garmin and whatever other GPS brands are out there,

I know I just totally bagged on you, but if you'd like me to be your representative and sponsor me for a Blue Lollipop Road trip at any point- call me. I suppose I could shelf my opinions for a month or two for the sake of creating some quality entertainment and big time exposure for you. Someone just has to follow me with a video camera. Talk about some good advertising! Let me know when you're ready to go.  I've got the snacks ready and my bags were packed yesterday.

You think I am kidding?

Email Line To Me From A Friend Today...

...and something I think we should all trust:

Dude.  Be yourself, 100% yourself and someone will love you for who you REALLY are. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I thought of a few things when I drove by this sign tonight: 

1.) I have to turn around and take a picture of this.
2.) That's disgusting.
3.) Thank goodness they are cooked to order! I mean really. Who'd ever want their livers and gizzards just cooked any old way?


Then again, I eat Oreos smashed up in a jar of Nutella by the spoonful. I bet the liver and gizzard eaters would think that's disgusting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet Jonathan

He is taken, but happily accepted my proposal to take this photo of his funny shirt. He told me his girlfriend bought it for him before he went off to college last year and he is now home for the summer.

Thanks Jonathan. You were adorable. I'm sure you'll have to leave that shirt on sophomore year as well to keep the young ladies away. Hope you had a great relaxing Father's Day with your pops. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Resume or Gynecologist?

How can I thank people I barely know that have become regular readers? The ones that I have met just a couple months ago who I see and they say; "Um, hello? What's up?- I have been reading but haven't seen any new posts in the past couple days..."

I know, I know! Effective time management. Something I am working on and that perhaps I have sucked at in the past. (That and I am busy working to pay bills which takes me away from this project and other things I love sometimes. BOO on that, but it's what I've got to do until I figure out how to make the magic happen.)

To do list for today:

1.) Work on time management
2.) Get my stupid resume updated and done for the 90th time. (God I hate resumes more than visits to the gynecologist.)
3.) Thank the not so strange strangers like B.H. for being consistent readers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Screw It. I'm Moving Across The Country

My friend Erin moved to Cali. one year ago for a job in the wine biz. I joked with the "I hate you", but she probably doesn't know that I really did. (You know what I mean.) I "hated" her, not because I hated her, but because I was so damn jealous. At that time I was completely bored living where I was as she had been and totally needed a change myself but didn't know how to/wasn't ready to make one. I remember standing on the rooftop patio of my incredible apartment I had at the time that everyone had drooled over. I was listening to Erin talk about when and how she was going to be leaving town. She was moving for a job she was insanely excited about? She was getting out of a place she just felt like she needed to? Ugh, I thought. I remember feeling like I wanted to pack myself in her car and never look back to my incredibly fancy amazing apartment with rooftop patio and all the rest of the "perfect" life I had.

See, incredibly fancy amazing apartments with rooftop patios and other supposed perfect stuff don't mean jack if you're not happy. I'm so thankful life forced me to make some changes I was jealous of Erin for making a year ago and that I am where I am now. And I am happy that she is happy with her past year too. We've both separately come quite a way.

I just read this post on her blog and started laughing. She will laugh too when she reads this as she realizes from that very spot on my rooftop patio one year ago, the two of us have had almost identical experiences. The only difference is I now look out my window and see the Atlantic Ocean and she looks out hers and see the Pacific. We have both moved far away from everything and everyone we know and love, gotten new jobs, quit jobs, had break ups, perfected being broke as a joke, at the same age, cried on phones to mothers and all of it...

AND THEN SOME. Oh, then some. 

The great thing is, Erin and I barely met, hung out or even knew each other much before she came over one year ago to my place to tell me she was leaving. After keeping in touch sporadically this year and finding out how similar we are, I'm fairly certain she and I will be good pals for a very long time to come. I'm sure we'll also continue encouraging each other to quit jobs we hate, move wherever the hell we each damn well please and not settle for anything less than the best guy or life that's fabulous. That's what us "brave" and "courageous" women do. Really though, we're just two people who follow our hearts. That's the only reason to warrant anyone ever using those words for either of us. I think Erin would be fine with me saying that we both totally screw up plenty, flail out, trip up and are lost and confused just as much as the rest of everyone else. Perhaps we are two people who can just dust ourselves off a bit quicker, and most always wearing a smile.

Erin, can you friggin' believe it? What a ride. Keep on rockin' girl. Hang tight. I'll be out there to sip some vino with you sooner than later.

Friday, June 19, 2009

And It's The Best Cheap Booze Stock Up Spot

$7 bottles of Prosecco and the best kettle corn ever. 

Trader Joe's won't you PLEASE put a store in every city across America? Especially Wilmington, NC?

We all love you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let My People Go Surfing

A very special friend gave me this book last night. I had heard about it a bunch before, but still not taken the time to read it. In the first 2 pages I wanted to see if I could figure out a way to hang out with the author Yvon Chouinard, Founder and Owner of Patagonia. Whatta guy.

I've had a challenge with books in the past as my attention span has been, well- lets just say a bit shorter than it could be sometimes. Thankfully that short attention span has flown out the window for at least a little while as I am gobbling this book up. I haven't even had it in my hands for 12 hours, but I know these pages will certainly not be collecting any dust.

Do yourself a favor and borrow this one or treat yourself to a trip to your local bookstore. You'll be glad you did. LMPGS is a must read for anyone.

Thank you Elby. You're F.A

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sticky Buns

Last Saturday was World Naked Bike Ride Day for the Northern Hemisphere in a slew of cities. These groups say they're "exposing the unique dangers facing cyclists and pedestrians, as well as the negative consequences we all face due to the dependance on oil and other forms of non-renewable energy." 

I say go on with your bad selves nekked peeps. I fully support you stripping down and riding for all of that. Anyone can participate. Check out all the cities just in the USA where you can hop in for this whacky event.

Who's up for grabbing some supplies and bits of flair so we can paint ourselves up to join in the fun? Come on. Like you haven't ridden a bike naked before. It certainly would give me some good photos to post. I'm not scared...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

50 And Counting!

50 followers as of today! Might sound small to some, but it's huge to me- and I still haven't even gotten on any social networking sites or blasted any of this out in any of those ways yet.

Thank you thank you everyone. Spending my time doing other work so I can pay bills sometimes takes me away from spending 24/7 on the Blue Lollipop Road which is what I'm really meant to do. I promise even when get busy, I'll continually do my best at babbling thoughts and things for you to read. I hope to always entertain, make you think or help create a fun moment or two in your day when you visit here.

Every single reader, follower and comment means so much to me. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A National Park Pass. What a swell summer gift idea for your hiker Dad for Father's Day or that Grad that's about to road trip for one last hurrah with his buddies before going off to college. Maybe that outdoor adventure couple you know that are getting hitched soon? I gave one of these to my pals who got married last fall instead of a blender. They loved it. A blender could never compete with hiking up to and standing under the Delicate Arch. (Yes, it really does look like that in real life and is that gorgeous.) 

The pass is only $80 and gives the proud owner unlimited access for a year to all the spots that are must sees around the country. Better yet a good excuse to hop in the car and go explore what most usually only see in pictures. Heck- maybe the person you buy it for will ask you to tag along for some road trippin' fun! (If you're not available when they do ask, just let me know. My bags and camera are already packed and I'd be happy to go as your stand-in.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Way More Than Your Face In Foam

I usually like to find things I write about in off the wall ways, not by watching The Today Show, but I saw Michael Keen doing such seriously cool latte art last week I didn't care how I found him. 

This bearded gent has an outstanding little coffee shop called Studio 6 Coffee House in Denver, CO. Watching the video on his website makes me want to brave the cold winters and move to the Mile High City, just so I can become a regular and hang out at this shop. This java joint gets it. They have a successful business they're passionate about and they support their community wholly. Coffee shops and places like this do so much more than serve eats and froofy drinks. They help create community. They offer a comfortable place for anyone to go. They're like home away from home. Lets not even talk about the fact this guy can make your face in the foam of a latte! Now there's some goodness.

I love that there are these amazing kinds of people out there with small businesses and great stories about why they exist. They love where they live and work hard to be a part of making their communities thrive. Bravo Studio 6. I am SO excited about getting a triple shot my face latte next time I'm in Denver! 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Lawrence and Herbert

They're from Martinsville, VA. 

They apologized for "being in the way" and tried to move when I was taking some pictures the other day. I told them, you are the picture if you don't mind of course! They happily participated and we chatted for a bit.

It's always a treat to talk to some impeccably wrinkled folks who've been around for a while and have good stories. If you click on the picture you can see that Lawrence's hat says- Life is simple; eat, sleep, fish. How perfect.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day Lawrence and Herbert. So nice to meet you.

You'll see an anonymous comment below just sent to me. I only think it's fair to publish all comments, not just the happy dappy frappy stuff, as being real and truthful is what I want Blue Lollipop Road to be. Saying that, this commenter happened to be "disturbed" that this photo showed:

1.) A guy on oxygen and still smoking. 
2.) That a WII tournament was happening Monday at 6pm. 

Dear Anonymous, 
Thank you for commenting, I love commenters and am happy to receive the good and the bad anytime!

As for #1 disturbance to you, I completely agree, but also think it's an eye-opening view of how people are so different from each other in the decisions they make. #2? Really? I am not a big WII gal myself, but I say play on WII-ers! Rock it out!)

Thanks again Anonymous, keep them coming!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Things Just Never Get Old

Like the Jolly Roger restaurant in the Outer Banks, NC. Oh the entertainment.

The woman who owns this place is super sweet with her chatty way and big hair. She buzzes around and greets everyone with big smiles. She's been the same way with every customer every single time I visited there for 10 years. She and the other staff always have some article of clothing on that resembles pirate gear. (As in, some type of scarf or flowy pants.) I really don't think they plan this, somehow that's just how it is. Just one of the many reasons this place is so entertaining and a must-see.

The breakfast eats are de-lish. The pancakes are the size of frisbees, the homemade bread is yum and they serve bloodys and mimosas aplenty. Add in some scrambled eggs with cheese and full bellied, fat and happy you'll leave every time. Don't forget to check out the home of the permanent 50% off gift shop; The Jolly Roger gift shop. Yep, 10 years I've been a patron, same sale. No joke.

But lets talk about the most important and entertaining thing; Decor. The ceiling of the main room is covered in what appears to be some type of foil. There are about 50,000 (Ok, so its a bit of an exaggeration) hideous Christmas bulbs and lights covering every square inch of space. In addition, there are some posters and pictures littered about on the walls that are warped and under absolutely no theme whatsoever along with some ceramic mermaid sculptures. In the other rooms of this quirky joint, are some simultaneously ugly and adorable random sea creatures painted about. The chairs, tables and booths have no rhyme or reason either. They're just there to function, old and mismatched as they are. All in all the Jolly Roger defines tacky, absurd and ridiculous. 

Lastly, karaoke. Ahh, of course they have karaoke! What would a place like this be without the Christmas decor, mermaids, tie-dyed tees for sale and karaoke?

Jolly Roger, you're something else. We love every second of our experiences there and every piece of you.

Gabi You Are Awesome!

I am thrilled to write that Gabi (who is a perfect stranger) and lives in Brazil? (Or wait-where are you Gabi?) just sent me this salsa recipe. Gabi found me somehow months ago here and has been a follower ever since. Strangers that find Blue Lollipop Road somehow, post occasionally and send salsa recipes because I wrote that May was National Salsa Month?! How cool is that?! 

Of course I wanted to thank Gabi, but don't have her contact info. Bummer. It's OK because I can thank her in a bigger way here now. I found this link she had on her profile. Apparently she and her fiance' are suggesting donation to charity instead of gifts for their wedding. Kudos to you guys. Love that idea. Really love when super amazing total strangers find this little project of mine and follow along.

So through this blog, I can somehow babble about and explore things and people I think are interesting and fun, highlight companies doing great things and giving back, post silly pictures and connect with total strangers that send recipes just to be nice. Then pass them on to you.

Wow. I can do all this and so much more for free. This makes me so happy. Somebody pinch me. 


Too Excited And Too Much Fun To Pay Attention?

I see now that I wrote Fast Food Gingle instead of Fast Food Jingle as the title to my last post. I corrected it for about 5 minutes after a few of you wrote to inform me, then I changed it back because I think it's funny. Sunday night I was too busy coming off a 6 hour road trip high (with a super special pal) to pay much attention to my spelling. HA!

Thanks for calling me out though! It's as if I have my own personal editors as readers out there. So here's to a Gingle AND and Jingle! I love that I can still get excited enough in my life about small things to misspell a simple word like that.

I Wonder what makes you all out there excited enough to do the same.

I'd love to know. You should write me a note and tell me...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fast Food Gingle

Bathroom pit stop at a fast food joint during a journey this weekend. Walked by the trash cans and thought this sign was funny. 

It's the great American road trip season people! Gas up the cars! 

If I had a dollar for every funny sign I saw...wait! Ok, maybe it's time to put all the hilarious photos I do have together and get a book published. Sell a million copies and buy all the gas I'd ever need to go on more road trips. Hmmm...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Roadside Assistance

Take Me Out To The Baaack Yard, Take Me...

I just looked back at the notes I keep of all I want to write about. This info. about NY Yankees seed and sod was on one of my favorite sites today. I had a note about it from back on March 22nd. Today is June 5th. I guess that means I am so ahead of the curve?...Or way behind actually. There are so many interesting and cool, things to write about I am back-logged. It's great to never be bored.

Anyway- there you go guys. Get yourself some authentic stadium grass supply or have a great gift idea for Dad's day. 

...buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

THIS IS MY 200th POST!!!


Who whoulda thunk it? I have YOU all to thank for it.

In this 200 and as of today, June 4, 2009- I have somehow managed to:

*Post my random babble and sometimes overly emotional thoughts pretty much every day. All during the most deliciously enlightening and heinously hard 6 months of my life. (And somehow you all don't think I am a freak of nature :)

*Acquire 47 followers, inclusive of some complete strangers. (That is so flippin awesome. Just flippin awesome.)

*Have an additional crew of non-followers tell me they read my ridiculousness everyday too. (Yay.)

*Have an author of a book I wrote about, find this somehow and write me to post a comment thanking me, then write me a bunch of emails too. (How cool.)

*Impress a few people with my writing. 
(Huh? No lie- a bunch of people randomly have said things like; "I really like your blog. You're a really good writer" and "It's my daily dose of such and such." Huh? Yeah, I am shocked too. If I ever thought some people that are not my mom, sister or best buddies legitimately would think that I have the slightest talent for even putting two words together- well, I never would have believed it, so thank you. I'm not sure I agree that I am any bit of writing talent, but I've certainly learned that when you practice at things you get better, if you commit to yourself you get better and if you do what you love, you'll always thrive. I LOVE writing this blog, so I guess that means I'm thriving and might be getting better at it? Ok. I'll take that.)

*Make people feel something they otherwise wouldn't, do something they might think they shouldn't, or just laugh.
(This is my favorite bullet point. I'm amazed, flattered, humbled, thrilled and just crazily ecstatic that anyone would ever credit me for helping them do or be anything, simply because they read what I write. One of the most incredible things I can imagine in my life is that anyone would ever thank me for writing what I do. That's like someone thanking you for being yourself. That, is the ultimate compliment. Thank you so much to all who have written and thanked me.)

I love these nights when I sit silently typing away. Sure sometimes I am exhausted and think damn! I didn't post anything yet. (Then I drag my butt to the computer and post away thinking, I have made an every day commitment dammnit! Nothing is going to stop me!- As I fall asleep on the keys...) The majority of the time though, I hungrily read the paper, books, magazines and other, look around curiously when I'm driving, listen to and talk to strangers and pay attention to lots of little things in my day. Those things get me geeked out and excited to write. Sometimes I wish I could actually jump in my laptop I get so jazzed up. I have pages and pages of all I want to write about. Just wish I had more time or could make a living at this right now. I would explore and write and write and explore all the days and all the nights. I'll get there someday. I've got plans. 

Thank you for letting me write 200 times. I hope you'll be with me when I hit 2,000 and 20,000 or when this turns into all it's meant to be.

What's beyond main street? The Blue Lollipop Road- and man do I love living here!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snail Mail Rules!

I got this letter in the mail from my grandparents today. I won't say why, but it was the best letter I have ever gotten from them. If you can't clearly see the round things, they are smiley face stickers. Awesome. On the back of envelopes my Grandma always writes; W.L.Y. which means "We love you."

How lucky am I?

I have always been big on cards and letters. I think they're the best. When my mailman walked up with our mail today, I happened to be sitting in a rocking chair on my porch. He handed me this letter saying "It's a great day, I love my job." Gotta love that.

I think we should all start sending snail mail again. It's always a total treat and surprise when it comes in the pile of bills. Forget you Twitterbookspacelinkedintoeverythingandeveryone24/7 . I'm off to write a real note. 

Thanks Gram and Gramp. Love you. You're the best.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Complaints? Come on!

Really people? Traffic is closed off and now you can sit in lawn chairs in the middle of Times Square. How cool is that? Who cares if the chairs are cheap? I think this is great. Chilling out for a few sure beats a taxi speeding by and running over your toes.

Maybe I'll jump on the lets encourage everyone to relax and sit a while bandwagon and move to NYC to start a lemonade and sweet tea stand. Wouldn't that be a site to see. Maybe I could join forces with the Naked Cowboy and become a mainstay.

Now to plan my perfect outfit...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Be Coooool My Babies

This is the night Conan O'Brien takes The Tonight Show over for Jay Leno. I love me some Conan, but oh how those Jay Walking segments from the Leno days are hilarious too. Some of America's finest citizens. Remember Kip and Kim? Hard to believe they are actually real people.

Oh and The Fruitcake Lady. If she doesn't make you laugh I'm not sure who would. 

Just thought I'd post something for a chuckle or two!