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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Pizza Nazi

You've been here, you just don't remember because you had too many car-bombs. Downtown Richmond, cash only, NY style pizza?...It's the pizza joint at 18th and Main. 

If you ever been here sober, you might find it offensive and never step foot inside again. I find it entertaining whether I am drunk or sober and choose ignore the filth. 

Plan on having your money ready and don't ask any questions. Pay, eat and get the hell out. That's the style and it's great. Time is money for these guys and when a hundred drunks are in line-they aren't screwing around with any chit-chat.

Here's a sign they have up. Check your attitude at the door, or your pie could get pricey.

You tell me where else at 2am you can buy a lighter, a condom, a hot slice of pizza, fight a crowd to get pissy service and possibly get puked on-all within 30 seconds. 

It's charming really.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chocolate by the bald man

I think Max Brenner and I were separated at birth, so I am wondering how one of his chocolate fantasy land shops has been in NYC, and I have not heard about him or his shop until now. This place is like kryptonite for chocolate lovers. As in- you'd go weak at the knees and stare at the menu for hours trying to decide what to order, while random customers (including me) would wander around trying to actually lick the air.

There are Alice in Wonderland quotes on the website (that is a must for perusing) for that perfect match to the theme of fantasy along with e-chocolate that gets sent to you when you send them an email message. (Tell me that's not the cutest thing you ever gotten from another website before.)

Not only do the menu selections look like they could redefine "smack yo mamma good", but you can drink their delectable looking hot chocolate in The Hug Mug. A mug specially designed to hug with two hands while drinking, so it "creates the ultimate drinking experience of coziness warmth and fragrance." 

Oh my god.

One way ticket to NYC please. Final destination? Chocolate Neverland.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Parachute?

You know those days you have when you think; What the hell should I do for the rest of my life? Well, I think that pretty much everyday. That's why I write this blog babble. I figure at some point someone might drop me a hundred bucks, offer me a book deal/super modeling contract, or expose me as the worst writer ever. Then I could be famous or something. (Yes, laugh here) Either way I'm just putting it all out there. Why the hell not? Please. Be entertained.

Here's an interesting little test/exercise to try when you are having one of these days. It just might revive those old thoughts you had about opening up a cupcake shop. 

Hey! Maybe that's what I'll do!

What color is my parachute? It depends on the day of the week. I have to keep it interesting...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Built in 1400 What!?

I am going to India next week. Seriously. Delhi, Taj Mahal-the whole she-bang. This is where I am staying for a few nights during my travel there. This place deserves a holy crap. Built in 1464. The Neemrana Fort-Palace.

I get to stay at this place? I am already speechless.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A delicious lid it was

If you're feeling like Tapas and Sangria-hit up La Tasca next time you are in Old Town Alexandria, VA. The food and drink were de-lish-but even more fun? The story of Tapas that La Tasca has on their menu. I like it:

Tapas means lid, or cover in Spanish. At the end of a long work day, farmers and laborers would go to local 'tascas' for a well-earned drink, on top they'd find a piece of bread to protect it from the flies. Little by little the innkeeper would place things on top of the bread such as cured meats and sausage as an accompanying snack. This edible lid was the start of tapas as we know them today.

How cool? There's your fun fact for the day!

My favorite eats at this spot were Pan a la Catalana (toasted bread topped with chopped garlic and tomato) and Patatas Bravas (deep fried potatoes in a spicy sauce.) And of course the Queso Manchego with olive oil and fresh tomato. YUM!

I'll take another Sangria please...

Just like on prom night

I Had a good ol' diner breakfast at the Amphora today. A friend used to frequent this place in high school 18 years ago between parties, after prom and at all hours of the night. She said it hadn't changed a bit. This 24/7 spot was chucked full of all the goodies you get at a diner that's open all night, like home made pastries lining all the counters, tons of locals, a huge menu and those fabulous hideous booths and light fixtures you can't help but love and get all nostalgic about. 

YUM. French toast coated in cinnamon. Slurp it up at Amphora.

F*ck O' the Irish?

Went to O'Connell's in Old Town Alexandria, VA this weekend with a huge group of people and heard more F-bombs than in an episode of Sopranos. I had a perfect perch at the bar and could see and hear everything.

A random Scottish guy told the Irish bartender to F*ck off out of nowhere and for no reason at all. (I think simply to hear it back and listen to his accent, or just be an idiot.) 5 minutes later, another guy came up to the bar essentially to throw the big F around a time or twelve, just like the first guy; for no reason whatsoever.  Bizarre. Perhaps I was drunk and misunderstood that it's a given that as soon you walk into an Irish Pub you should start cursing just to get in the mood to drink stout. Either way the scene was great. Hilarious.

O'Connell's has sort of 2 1/2 floors, and different rooms/areas to drink, dine and throw around the F-bomb, along with a great rooftop patio off the second floor bar, and some good-looking eats . 

I'd go again for sure. Check it out-just cover the kids ears.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Even I can afford to shop at Nordstrom today

These coats are super cute, and a total steal at less than $60 this week! Run, don't walk, to your local Nordstrom to grab one of these Tulle wool coats. Every year this company makes the same coats-just changes the funky liner and buttons. 

Oh yeah- a ton of designer denim is on sale too. 

Get 'em girls!

Freak out the in-laws before they're even in-laws

Insist on getting hitched 50 meters up with a wedding in the sky. If Great Aunt Nellie doesn't have a heart attack first, this is sure to be one of the cooler "I-do's" you ever attend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Accidental conversation with strangers

Places like Panera and whatever local coffee joint (Like Lift, Common Groundz or Crossroads) that have free WiFi are a riot. These spots like being at the zoo-only better.

There are the people who are in sweats studying their way through med-school on random afternoons, ones that are loud and think no one can hear them, ones who pick their noses and think no one can see them, ones who have serious looking "business meetings" and finally, the ones who have camp. As in, it takes them 12 minutes to "set up" whatever they need to actually get to the part where their butt hits the seat to start "work"

I had an hour conversation with a bizarre and strange gentleman a few weeks ago at the Starbucks in Carytown. It started because our knees we practically knocking into each other as we both tried to steal a cushiony chair. (Free WiFi Bakers Crust has next door you can log on to by the way.) 

Order yourself up a coffee, snuggle in for an afternoon, watch and let the games begin. Sure beats working out of some boring office!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please tip me

Somehow I have made myself into the go-to gal for all things question. As in:


"Where should I go to dinner with my parents when they come to town this weekend?"
" Where can I get a good haircut?
" My co-worker asked me to help her rearrange her office this weekend. How much should I charge her? 
"Do you know someone who can print t-shirts?"
" My neighbor needs a babysitter, do you happen to know anyone who can babysit?"
" My cousin needs a job, do you know any companies that are hiring?"

I am always quick to respond and efficient. This typically results in someone having a great vacation, getting a fabulous job, finding the perfect stylist, meeting life-long friends, or the man/woman of their dreams.

Don't get me wrong, I love to be that girl. I like to be a sponge of knowledge, the informer, explorer, friend, volunteer and sharer to others. I just need to put a tip jar out, or ask people to start sending me monthly "Thanks for helping me out so much"-retainer checks, so I can make a career out of this. I spend about 40 hours a week on this stuff anyway.

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Sorry I made the booth sticky-I just had a hot glazed"

Free today if you vote:

Starbucks Coffee
Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Wow. Who says Americans are fat? Either way I am in for all three.

Maybe I'll jog to the polls.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cough up the cash for these

I am the finder of sales, frugal girl who typically drives people crazy with the exclamation of: "I got this for ten bucks on sale from a hundred!" But even I, after a certain someone convinced me-will never be a cheapskate on these few things again:

*Jeans. The really good ones that fit like a glove. I like 7, Citizen, and Joe's

Skip a latte or two and splurge it up. You'll be in love.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

36 Hours In Burlington Vermont

You know that great section of the Sunday NT Times that features "36 hours in (enter city/place here)" ? Well this week it's about a place that I like to call a mini San Francisco; Burlington, Vermont. 

Burlington is a little city bustling with a ton of college kids/university professors, colorful and open minded people. Fabulous coffee shops, places to get de-lish organic grub, trendy boutiques and always some kind of interesting rally or festival going on where you are sure to bump into someone intriguing. (Not to mention to gorgeous landscape.) Ok-so its FREEZING in the winter, but bundle up for a snow time visit or go for a trek-through during one of the other 3 seasons if you are a wimp like me and you'll fall in love with this small northern hub.